What Did Her Party Do To Save Joan?

AFTER abandoning Joan, it is not surprising that the poltroon Court of Charles VII made no effort to save her. Of her old companions in arms, only the undaunted La Hire and Xaintrailles attempted to rescue her at Rouen. They failed, and were made prisoners. Public prayers were offered for her at Orleans and other places, and collects were inserted in the Mass. The Bishop of Embrun urged Charles VII to spare no means or effort to save Joan. The Chronicle of Morosini says twice that Charles did make strenuous efforts with the Duke of Burgundy and the English, threatening terrible reprisals, especially on the women of England ! The Chronicle, which is really a budget of news from various pens, is of very unequal value, and at times utterly absurd. Cauchon and the University of Paris hint, in their murderous letters, of rumors that Charles VII was endeavoring to ransom Joan. But as far as historical documents go, it is hard to deny the statement, that neither king, court, nor captains, gave any sign of help. A few enemies were friendly; but as for the rest, Joan of Are in her passion was as completely abandoned as her beloved Savior was in His.