Title Page


Historical Background


Jean de Metz

The Struggle To Begin

The Journey

Bitter Memories

The Nobel Dauphin

The Trial at Poitiers

Preparations at Tours

D' Alençon: Jeanne's Good Duke

Jean D'Aulon

Jeanne Confronts the Captains

In God's Name Forward

New Hope For Orleans

The Scots!

The First Victory

The Dark Baron

Forward to Victory

The Battle of the Tourelles

Free at Last

The Dauphin's Fearful Heart

The Loire Campaign

The Road to Reims

The Coronation

Family's Warm Embrace

The King's Betrayal

Failure at Paris

Farewell Old Friends

Marguerite La Touroule

Famous Guest

Jean D'Aulon

Winter of Discontent

La Trémoille's Noose Tightens

The Escape

I Will Go to My Friends

Guillaume de Flavy

A Betrayer's Confession

Jean D'Aulon

Joan Faces Her Enemies

Lady Jeanne de Luxembourg

Captive of Beaurevoir

Raymond de Macy

Her Way of Sorrows

Brother Isambart de La Pierre

Jeanne's Ordeal in Rouen

The Maid's Brilliant Defense

Crushed By the Wheels of Injustice

At Death's Door

Jeanne's Betrayal

Her Faith Reclaimed

Death by Fire


Father Jean Pasquerel





The Infamous Posthumous Document

Joan's Journey to Canonization

Relics of Joan of Arc

God's Providential Care of Joan

Interesting Facts

What Was Fiction or Fact in the Novel

Joan's Descendents Part One

Joan's Descendents Part Two

Joan's Descendents Part Three

Joan's Descendents Part Four

Mr. Phillips' Thesis

Joan's Narrow Hips

Joan's Standard

Joan's Attire

Mark Twain's Secret

Four Popes And Joan