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Where does "d'Arc" in Joan's name come from?

Joan's father, Jacques d'Arc, was born in 1375, in the small town of Ceffonds, Champaign, France. He migrated to Domremy where he married Isabelle Romée. Isabelle came from the village of Vouthona which is seven kilometers northwest of Domremy.

Many historians believe that Jacques' ancestors came from the village of "Arc-en-Barrois" and this the origin of his surname 'd'Arc.'

Joan NEVER used her father's surname, it was only many years after her death that writers/historians started to use 'd'Arc' as part of her name. When Joan left Domremy she simply called herself, "Jehanne, la Pucelle" or Joan, the Maid.

It was the custom for girls from her village to take their mother's name - which in Joan's case would have been Romée. So if Joan had lived out her life within the confines of Domremy she would have been known as Jehannette Romée.

How do you think France would be different if Joan of Arc hadn't done what she did?

France's culture, language and religion would have been profoundly changed. The France that we know today would not exist! For example, if the English had won the war, France probably would have been part of the British empire. And the country most likely would have been Protestant. It is also possible that France would no longer be a complete country. It could have been divided into two separet nations. There might be a small country of Burgundy and a larger country that would be France. To speculate even further, I believe that the balance of power in Europe down through the centuries would have been profoundly altered.

I am sure that you have seen Star-trek stories where one event is changed and from that time on nothing is the same.

Do you think if Joan of Arc were alive today she would make as big as an impact on the world if the circumstances were the same?

If, and this is a BIG if, the circumstances were EXACTLY the same, then yes she would have an extreme importance on the world scene.

To speculate further, if she came back to our time and place, then NO I don't think she would ever be taken seriously. People don't believe in God or the spiritual world so I think at worst she would be put away in some mental institution or at bestignored as some kind of "NUT." However it would not be as odd for a woman to be fighting as it was in her day.

For Joan of Arc, in our world, to get anywhere, she would have to work many a major miracle. And even then the majority of the people in power who would be worried over the issue of - 'separation of church and state.'

How has studying Saint Joan's life impacted and perhaps changed your life?

This is a personal question, but I will try to answer as truthfully as I can. For one thing if I hadn't known Joan of Arc, I don't think I would have gone into the military. I was in the U. S. Air Force for two years.

More importantly, Saint Joan of Arc is a true and very close friend. I look to her for strength and courage in difficult times. I find solace in her when things don't work out as I had hoped. She encourages me in my spiritual life, by helping and guiding me towards a close union with THE TRIUNE GOD. She helps me to live a life that is more caring and helpful toward others. She helps me to be truthful and to defend the truth in the face of adversity.

If you could meet Joan of Arc and ask her one question, what would it be? What do you think the answer would be?

How were you able to remain loyal to and respect THE CHURCH while you were being tried by men who represented THE CHURCH, which you loved with all your heart.

"Well, Virginia, it was not easy for me, I constantly had to fight the temptation to hate those Churchmen who so cruelly tormented me with their constant, subtle questioning. On my own I would not have been able to do it. I would have fallen easily into the sin and hate and despair. But I was not alone! I did not have to rely in my own power and ability. I had the truths of The Faith, that my mother taught me when I was a little child.

Even when I was a little girl back home in Domremy, my family and I heard stories about Priests and Bishops who did bad things; just as there were stories about Priests and Bishops who did good. I asked my mother how could this be, 'I thought The Church was holy and came from God. How could the men who were dedicated to God do BAD things?'

She answered: 'Even though The Church was created by God and is Holy, it is human and sinful as well. This is a great mystery, my child, but I will try to explain. You were created by God and are meant to be holy, yet you do bad things some times, don't you? It's not that you mean to be bad but because of your human weakness, due to Original Sin, you made mistakes and do bad things. It is the same way with The Church. The Church is your Mother and you must love and respect her no matter what. You know how some times I might, for no reason, get angry and yell at you. I might even hurt your feelings and maybe even your bottom. But then, I am only human and I have my failings just like every one else. Does that mean you would stop loving me because of it? 'OH, NO, momma, I would never do that!' I replied in dismay. 'So it must be with you Jeannette, and your love for Holy Mother Church.'

I also had the knowledge that these men of The Church were not working for the good of The Church but were being paid by and working for the English, just so they could discredit my good and loving King Charles.

Lastly, I heard from my Voices every day. It was they, in God's Holy Name, who gave me loving counsel and comfort. It was they who told me to rely on God for all things and they taught me to trust in HIM for all my needs. Jesus, I trust in You. It was God's Grace working inside me that in the end enabled me to continue to love and trust Holy Mother Church.

Do you believe that Joan of Arc truly heard voices of saints? If so, do you think they would have spoken to her if there had been no war?

Yes, I truly believe that Joan of Arc's voices came from God. I believe too that they would have talked to her even if there were no war going on. I believe her life would have been completely different. There were many 'mystics' around Joan's time and these women went into the convent so that they could develop their spiritual side and draw closer to God. I think that is what Joan would have done.

From your study of Joan of Arc what do you think is the most fascinating thing or fact about her?

What she did and how she did. I have been studying Saint Joan of Arc's life for the past thirty-three years and no matter how much I think or read about Joan, I am continually amazed by her.

Have you learned anything else of interest in studying Joan of Arc, that you may be able to share with me?

For this answer I refer you to my web site. Please look under the section entitled: Frequently Asked Questions. There, I refer you to question number 5's answer.

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