The Saint Joan of Arc Chapel

Located within

Saint Paul's Cathedral, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The following photographs were taken by

Mr. Joel Davis

New Mexico - June of 2003.

Barbara Beshnick is currently attending the University of Pittsburgh. She is taking a minor in medieval studies and will soon graduate with a Bachelor in English and a Masters in Library Science. Ms. Beshnick is a published poet who has also written a Canto about Joan of Domremy and is currently working on a novel about Saint Joan's life.

Ms. Beshnick was kind enough to contact The Saint Joan of Arc Center with this information about the seventeen century Tapestries that surround the Cathedral's statue of Saint Joan.

It is essential you understand that the one word Dieuleveut is actually three words, God wills it -- if you look closely at the tapestries you will discover the word is written as one. These tapestries aren't true tapestries in the formal sense but actually crewelwork done with needle and not woven like a carpet. Therefore whoever made these "tapestries" - either for the sake of room or for the sake of the language during the time period of their creation - wrote 'God wills it' as one word - thus, on my translations I have translated the word "Dieuleveut" as one word.


Tapestry one - "Lorraine"

La grande pitié du royaume de France

The great pity of the kingdom of France.

Jehanne, chanta l’Archange

Joan, sang the archangel,


Lève-toi, combats, venge

Rise up, fight, avenge


Elle dit "je ne peux . . .et l'ange Dieulevut

She said, I can not . . . and the Angel said, Godwillsit

Tapestry two - "Orleans"

Boutez-les dehors de France

Drive them out of France.

Renverse ces murailles

Knock down these walls…



Sois foudre de batailles

Be like a thunderbolt in battle


Elle dit "je ne peux . . . l'ange Dieuleveut

She said "I can not" . . . and the angel said Godwillsit

Tapestry three - "Reims"

Comme au péril, sois à l’honneur

It had shared in the toil; it should share in the honor.

Au jour du diadème

On the day of the coronation


Sois près du roi lui-même

Be close to the King himself


Elle dit "je ne peux . . ."

she said "I can not..."


Et l'ange Dieuleveut

The angel said Godwillsit

Tapestry four - "Rouen"

"Heretique" "Relapse" "Apostate"

"Heretic" "Relapsed" "Apostate"

La France est delivree

France is delivered


Brulee…Brule torche sacrée.

Burn a holy torch


Elle dit "je ne peux . . . "

She said "I can not . . ."


Et l'ange Dieuleveut

The angel said Godwillsit