Jeanne! Godís Holy Warrior is a lovely novel about the life and times of one of my favorite Saints; Joan of Arc. For me, it is my all time favorite book because the author's writing style is imaginative enthusiastic and exciting!

The novel consists of a series of letters written by those who came in contact with her during the different parts of Joanís life.

I like this format because it is plausible and it gives the reader the best possible perspective on St. Joan's full life and heavenly mission.

I have no complaints about the accuracy of the author's novel because she clearly knows St. Joan far better than I do.

Through out her novel, the author stays very close to the known history facts. Yet she skillfully weaves into her work of fiction little details that help flesh out those parts of Joan's life that has not been recorded.

To help educate the reader as to what parts of her novel are FACT and what parts are the author's own creation; she has added a series of 'appendices;' which are located at the end of her book. It is here that the author explains what parts of her novel are true history and what parts come from her own imagination.

It is because of this fact that I have found her story to have a lush liveliness of a novel and yet still be very factual.

I also like how the author has given each of her novel's chapters, not only a number, but its own relevant title as well. This was important for me because I was able to keep my place, as well as helping me to search for specific parts that I wanted to re-read.

I found, besides St. Joan herself, the author's vast cast of characters, were very interesting for me to read about. This, I think is due to Mrs. Frohlick's ability to bring to life those historical figures about whom there is very little recorded information, and create for them real multi-facetted personalities.

Some of Virginia's characters narrate large sections of her novel. In particular we hear the most from Jean de Metz, Jean DíAulon and Brother Isambart.

What I also found very helpful was the author's use of numerous pictures and diagrams as they helped me to comprehend the places and events that were occurring in her most imaginative story.

The part of the novel that I really liked occurred when St. Joanís family told stories about her childhood.

I can honestly say that I have not read a more realistic book about St. Joan than in this one!

Mrs. Frohlick, has written a marvelous work of fiction about a most remarkable Saint!

In her great love for this most unique saint the author has revealed to us what Joan must really have been like, with all her strengths and weaknesses. But most importantly she shows us Saint Joan's overwhelming love for God.

It is sad to say, but I have found people who in the past have tried to diminish Joan's piety and goodness by exaggerating her faults. I can assure you that this was NOT the case in Mrs. Frohlick's novel!

St. Joan had faults, as everyone does, but with Godís help she tried to the best of her ability to overcome them.

Instead of making a gritty, "realistic", bloodthirsty "Joan" as others do, this book presents St. Joan with all her goodness. She is always persevering to please God by fulfilling her mission and being a good Christian.

In this novel, when St. Joan felt she could be gentler at a time she was being harsh, she went to her chaplain to ask for his spiritual advice. In the parts when she could have fallen due to human weakness, she looked to God. St. Joan must have done things like this in real life too!

Also, you will find documented in history books as well as in this novel that St. Joan was NOT bloodthirsty at all; but was in fact genuinely compassionate. She pressed for peace and cried for ALL those who died in battle; be they English or French.

When I read Mrs. Frohlick's book I was reminded of the lessons we learn from St. Joan's life and, that is God is love.

In the second to the last chapter - one of my favourites Ė St. Joan is shown in the fullness of her love, devotion and forgiving spirit.

If anyone is looking for a book where St. Joan's immense love and trust in God is abundantly manifested, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

If anyone is looking for a book where St. Joan's passionate desire to accomplish GOD'S WILL in her life is beautifully presented, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

If anyone wants to read about St Joan's courageous and compassionate nature, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

If anyone wants to read a book that truly honors God and St. Joan, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

If someone wants to read a historically accurate fiction to learn about St. Joan, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!


I have found this novel to be the most truthful and inspiring of all the Joan books that I have ever read, because it was written by someone who KNOWS and LOVES HER TRULY!


I WOULD RECOMMEND this book because it is the most truthful and accurate novel on the subject of SAINT JOAN that I have ever read!


I would recommend this book to people who love reading, to people who love God, to people who love Medieval France, and of course to people who love Joan of Arc!