Review of Jeanne-God's Holy Warrior - Virginia Frohlick 2011 by Jean Brittain!


Virginia Frohlick's novel "Jeanne! God's Holy Warrior" is a whirlwind ride on clean air back to the core values of Joan of Arc.The story is told by the men who were there, and those narratives pull the reader into the 15th century in the cleverest of soul-to-soul ways. Historical details are believable because the author's knowledge of her subject cannot be surpassed. Moreover, her honour and sincerity shine so brightly throughout that it's clear she has known this girl for a long, long time. Joan of Arc is as important in the third millenium as she ever was. Read, weep and rejoice in the story of the girl who saved France, and come away feeling forgiveness and hope.

Review by Jean Brittain-author of biography "Hugh Kennedy of Ardstinchar: Joan of Arc's Scottish Captain"