Ingrid Bergman in Paul Claudel's Oratorio: Joan of Arc at the Stake

Ingrid at rehearsal

The third and last time Ms. Bergman played Saint Joan of Arc was in Roberto Rossellini's stage and film production of Paul Claudel's oratorio 'Joan of Arc at the Stake.' Rossellini's production ran from 1953 - 1954 and was performed in Italy, Germany, England, Spain and France. The film version of the oratorio was filmed in 1954.

Joan talking with Brother Martin

The Oratorio follows the career of France's great saint, Joan of Arc, in a blending of choral singing, spoken drama and crowd scenes featuring a number of supernumeraries. Ms. Bergman spoke her part throughout except for singing a verse of a children's song, which occurred near the middle of the Oratorio.

Joan pleading for help


The London Times

In essence the critic for The London Times, ‘panned' the production criticizing almost every aspect of the performance. He did state that Ms. Bergman's voice was ‘strong, low-pitched and pleasing but uncontrollable by the conductor.'

Joan at the stake Joan about to suffer her death Joan burning at the stake

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