Joan of Arc: God's Maiden General

By Mike MacCarthy

January 6, 2014


In light of what Pope Francis has recently written and said, we are ALL called to take a page out of your faith-filled life, and say "Yes" to God, starting today!


"Dearest Saint Joan (aka Jehanne d'Arc), Happy Birthday! We come to you on this your special day of birth to praise you, give thanks in prayer for your humble example, and to draw inspiration from your incredible acts of heroism, courage, and faith. We know that you could not read nor write nor ride a horse nor use a sword when you left home at age 17 at the direction of Saints Michael, Catherine, and Margaret. Your mission was to defeat the English at Orleans and install Charles VII as King of France. Six months after leaving home, you (an illiterate peasant farm girl) had succeeded in your mission even though you had no military training or experience and zero knowledge of the politics of the military invasion of France by the English. Everything you did (between 1/6/1429 and July 1429) was in direct response to God's requests. Like so many other saints before and since, you heard God's call and said, "Yes."


Thank you, Jehanne;and thank you, God!




"Joan of Arc: God's Maiden General"

is a true story about a French girl usually referred to as Joan of Arc. The names of the people in her story have not been changed to protect the innocent or the guilty; their personalities and character are presented according to historical records


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