Part VI - My Trial

picture of Bishop Cauchon The Bishop of Beauvais, Pierre Cauchon, was my chief judge. His hatred for me ran deep. He was driven from his wealthy position by a faction that was loyal to King Charles and because of this he wanted his revenge on me.

picture of the first page of Joan's trial transcript This is the first page of my trial records.

picture of another page from Joan's trial In the margin you see written in Latin the words, 'fatal answer.'

picture of the last page of Joan's trial This is the last page of my trial record. The two large spots near the bottom of the page mark the place where Bishop Cauchon and the Inquisitor of France, Jean Lemaitre, placed their seals.

model of Rouen's old market square This model shows what Rouen's market square looked like the day I died.

picture of Joan burning at the stake My death.

picture of a 1909 Post card commemorating Joan's Beatification Even though my enemies destroyed my body, they could never destroy my spirit! It lives on, down through the centuries, inspiring people to great deeds of virtue and courage. I was beatified by the Church of Rome on April 18th, 1909. This postcard commemorates the event.

picture of the banner used at Joan's Beatification This banner was hung from St. Peter's Basilica, Rome when I was beatified. I was finally canonized on May 16th, 1920, by Pope Benedict XV.

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