Part V - My Enemies

picture of the Archbishop of Reims Even though the Archbishop of Reims, Regnault de Chartres, was the Dauphin's advisor, he was nonetheless my mortal enemy.

example of the Archbishop's signature This is the Archbishop's signature.

picture of the Duke of Burgundy Philip 'The Good,' Duke of Burgundy, was a renegade against my noble King Charles. His lust for the crown of France prolonged the civil war that raged between my people and his.

picture of the Count de Luxembourg The Count de Luxembourg sold me to the English for 10,000 gold livres. His lust for gold hardened his heart against his wife's entreaties not to sell me to them.

picture of the English Duke of Bedford The Duke of Bedford ruled for the English child King, Henry VI, in the areas of France under English domination. It was he who wanted the Bishop of Beauvais, Pierre Cauchon, to try me for sorcery and heresy.

picture of the Earl of Warwick holding the English child King, Henry VI The Earl of Warwick was Bedford's right hand man and he personally protected Henry VI. That is why he is shown holding the child King. He was in charge of my prison and it was he who assigned the brutal guards to my cell.

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