Saving Angel-The Truth About Saint Joan

Written by T. Lawrason Riggs


Saving Angel: The Truth About Joan of Arc and The Church.

Written by T. Lawrason Riggs

The information contained within this book is too important (on the subject of Joan's submission and faithfulness to the One Holy and Catholic Church) to be left unknown and unread.

This book was written in response to what Bernard Shaw said in the very first paragraph of his play's preface: "Though a professed and most pious Catholic, and the projector of a Crusade against the Husites, she was in fact one of the first Protestant martyrs."

Table of Contents


Preface by the General Editor &

Author's Foreword

1 The Sources of Information

2 Historians and Documents

3 Domremy to Poitiers

4 The Ascent to Rheims

5 The Long Descent

6 Trial and Death

7 Abjuration and Relapse

8 The Final Deliberation

9 Victory

10 The Posthumous Information

11 Reparation Begins

12 A Cloud of Witnesses

13 Critics and the "Recollectio"

14 The Matter of the Trial

15 The Manner of the Trial

16 Reparation Accomplished

Bibliographical Note & Appendix A. Excerpts from Brehal's Recollectio