Part IV - Orleans

picture of the Boucher's home This is the home of Jacques Boucher. I lodged with him and his family from April 29th to May 9th. My bedroom was on the second floor which I shared with the Boucher's daughter, Charlotte.

an equestrian statue of Joan in the town of Chinon I was always where the fighting was the thickest.

picture showing Joan being blessed by her father After the coronation of King Charles, my father, Jacques d' Arc, came to visit with me at the town of Reims.

picture of the document that ennobled Joan and her family Even though I never asked for the honor, the King ennobled me and my family, giving us the title of DU LYS and the rank of count.

example of Joan's signatures I learned to sign my name. You can see that over time I improved my penmanship.

Picture of Joan done by someone who never saw her This unflattering and imaginary caricature of me was done during my life time by a Parisian, - a Burgundian sympathizer - who never saw me in person.

statue of Joan in chains I was finally captured outside the town of Compiegne on May 23rd, 1430. Even though I was a prisoner, my spirit was still free.

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