Time Line History of Saint Joan

Jehanne la Pucelle

A mini-biography

(Joan the Maid, commonly called Joan of Arc in English)

Compiled from many sources by Steven R. Kanehl

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The Saint Joan of Arc Center

Disclaimer by Virginia Frohlick:

Saint Joan of Arc

Author - V. Sackville-West

Published by - The Literary Guild, New York - 1936

(The author writes under the burden of English prejudice against Joan. I do not agree with this author's time line of events. I do NOT recommend this book at all.)


Part 1 - Introduction,. Sources, Important Names, short History or the Hundred Years War, Geography, Joan's early life.

Part 2 - Vaucouleurs to Chinon.

Part 3 - Chinon to Orleans

Part 4 - Orleans to the beginning of the Loire Campaign.

Part 5 - The Loire Campaign to Reims.

Part 6 - Reims to Bourges.

Part 7 - Saint-Pierre-le-Moutier to Joan's Capture.

Part 8 - Noyon to Rouen Prison.

Part 9 - Joan's Trial of Condemnation Part 1

Part 10 - Joan's Trial of Condemnation Part 2 to the Canonization of Saint Joan.